Priority Partners are those other non-profits that use the Dixie Center buildings and site to organize, carry out, and promote cultural enriching experiences in our community. Because they are in the Dixie on a regular basis and support our overall mission, these Partners enjoy special rental rates and are invited to send representatives to our regular Board meetings, so as to have a voice in the operation and future of the Dixie Center for the Arts as a whole. Each group maintains its own separate leadership and fundraising goals, but each supports each other as stimulators of the arts in the Ruston area.

North Central Louisiana Arts Council (NCLAC)

The North Central Louisiana Arts Council (NCLAC) helped DCA obtain and restore the historic theatre, and has helped to operate the Dixie Center since we began in 1996. NCLAC has a full staff that works upstairs in the Dixie Theatre, creating and managing a wide range of events that foster the arts in our area. Click on their logo to learn more about them!  Since they are present in the building more than our own volunteers, many times when you call the Dixie a NCLAC representative will answer the phone. We try to keep them informed of our schedule and programs, but if you need information about rentals it is best to leave a message so our volunteers can get back to you!

The Ruston Community Theatre (RCT) players have been planning and performing local plays and musicals in Ruston since 1977. You can normally tell when they are getting ready for a production by the number of people (the youth productions are especially fun) running about the building, preparing sets, making costumes and rehearsing lines. They also rely entirely on volunteers to sell make RCT function. The Dixie no longer handles ticket sells for RCT  but they have a new phone number to call just for tickets! Call 318-595-0872 Monday-Friday between 10:00am and 3:00pm and someone should answer to help you or leave a message. Also, they normally open the doors to sell tickets one hour before each performance. To learn more about them, click on their logo!

Troupe Dixie is a group of younger professionals that look for ways to attract new and young folks to the historic theatre. Their activities include planning classic movie nights, small concerts, and other mixers at the Dixie that are either free or costs less than our average shows. Keep an eye out for their activities on their Facebook page!

The Ruston Civic Symphony Society began as a group of Rustonites that wanted to raise money to support annual musical events before we had NCLAC or DCA. While their membership has dwindled, a small group still sponsors a few annual programs organized by NCLAC and DCA. They are also the founders of the annual Krewe of Allegro Mardi Gras Ball, which is now one of our primary fundraisers for the physical maintenance of the historic Dixie Theatre.